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Commited, from seeding to packaging

About Us

Bonduelle North America is Canada's leading processor of canned and frozen vegetables. Its expertise, along with that of its highest caliber agricultural partners in the most fertile croplands in North America, guarantee products of superior quality that meet the very highest customer standards.

Acclaimed for the excellence of its service, the company has a long-standing tradition of know-how and expertise. Its plants, equipped with modern technology, enable superior flexibility and production capacity. Its team of seasoned experts ensures thorough control over every step in the food processing chain, from seeding to packaging.

Though mainly engaged in vegetable processing, Bonduelle also produces and packages a wide range of food products including frozen fruit, canned soups, sauces, baked beans and dry beans, according to the same standards of quality.

The company's products are marketed under the private-brand labels of the major North American food distributors and supermarket chains, as well as under Bonduelle own labels, which include Arctic Gardens frozen fruits and vegetables, a popular Canadian brand. Its sales team operates on the major retail trade and food services networks.

Bonduelle North America has seven plants in Canada, including three in Ontario’s famed Horseshoe Valley and four in the fertile St. Lawrence River Valley in Quebec.

At a glance:

  • Fruit, vegetable and legume processor
  • More than 335,000 tons of vegetables harvested annually in Quebec and Ontario
  • Industries served: retail, food services, industrial
  • 7 plants in Canada: 4 in Quebec; 3 in Ontario